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Zombotron 3 - Cool the great success with the first game Zombotron, he had come against us later in the second. Now prepared the third in the series. We can say this much prepared as successful as the other versions. Zombotron described as tough a task in the third game, there are 15 different sections. We start with the first task of our section. whether here in our fight against the zombies from destroying them against scroll on track and we are trying to solve the mystery of the region by following the tips in our way. Let's use the weapons at our disposal in our way to get rid of them whether creatures, which will be very careful moves. We believe that successful game prepared, we're on the keyboard to control our character, a, s, d or arrow keys we use. We're getting help from 1,2 key to ensure the transition between the given weapons. Mouse using weapons, we provide with the space key to jump the character. As controls, you use the E key to get the latest equipment open boxes recalled. Provided that such checks adventure, get ready to experience hariak. To enter the game, click on the play button after the installation process. We reach the series by clicking on the links here to the first. We wish you good games.
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