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This is the sequel to Mahjongg Dark Dimensions 3D Flash: Try to solve this new puzzle with cube-shaped tiles, it is a version in 3 dimensions. This is one of the most popular versions of mahjong with thousands of players every day, which differentiates this version from others is that it is in 3D unlike the classic versions that are in 2D, the game Was created by the arkadium team. The tiles are Cube-shaped but the principle of the game remains the same, make disappear all the cubes in pairs as quickly as possible and make the best score possible. What I find amusing is that you can rotate the puzzle in all directions to look for the cube pair, I find the idea very good, and it is a real success and we find that very few games Of mahjong in 3d. What it lacks is a scoring system to increase the competitiveness of the players. The arkadium team has always tried to create games of good qualities, they also have more complete and more complex paying versions like mahjongg dimensions deluxe 2 but with this version we already have a lot of fun.
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