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Mahjong Connect 2 game is played with mouse. We play the match game by finding pictures of randomly distributed kitchenware on the screen. The number of pictures in each episode and the times we are given to do the matching are different. The game consists of 6 episodes. 20 pictures in 4 minutes, 2 pictures in 3 minutes, 25 pictures in 4 minutes in 3 pictures, 30 pictures in 3 minutes in 4 pictures, 30 pictures in 4 minutes in 5 pictures, 30 pictures in 3 minutes in 6 pictures we pairing. While linking the pictures, there is no other kitchen article between 2 pictures. We are destroying pictures by drawing a path between them. When we draw the road, we set the road we are drawing to bend at most 2 times. That is, if the drawn path between 2 pictures is broken more than 2, the matching process does not occur.
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